Geiger counter GGreg20_V3 – minor hardware changes in the module

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Thanks to our customers, we collected some statistics and received feedback on the different modes of use of our GGreg20_V3 Geiger counter module by users and came to the conclusion that it would be more convenient to fix the voltage in the high-voltage part of the module.

Please note that from September 1, 2022 , the function of high voltage regulation has been removed. The voltage level of 400 volts is fixed by hardware means.

Update: February 2023 The feedback we receive from customers about the planned implementation of the changes has led us to the decision not to rush to fix the voltage level on the module, as this limits the possibility of using other tubes compatible with the module. Therefore, we have decided not to make any changes at all and are supplying the module in its original configuration.

This does not change the hardware scheme or functionality of the module. And it only simplifies the initial configuration of the module. From now on, the user does not even need to think about whether the voltage level in the high-voltage part of GGreg20_V3 is set correctly.

At the same time, if you need a module with high voltage regulation for your project, please consider the module DCDC_3V3_400V_V1: High Voltage Module