Return and exchange policy

General Information

Our return and refund policy is valid within 14 days from the moment the customer receives the product, but no more than 45 days from the moment the customer orders the product.

Only those goods purchased by the Customer from the Supplier, which turned out to be defective or damaged and which the Customer could not use as intended in accordance with the Supplier’s documentation for the product, are subject to return.

The policy provides for the following stages of interaction:

  1. Customer appeal
  2. Technical support and preliminary assessment of the problem
  3. Diagnostics in the laboratory
  4. Refund, Replacement or Repair

1. Customer appeal

If you have a problem using the product and you understand that the problem should be looked for directly in the product, you can contact us for help.

To do this, you need to write a letter to .

We need you to provide us with all the information you have, as well as information proving that you actually purchased the product you are requesting from us.

It is advisable to describe exactly how you use the product (connection diagram, description of operating modes, logs, etc.) and what, in your opinion, is the problem with the product.

2. Technical support and preliminary assessment of the problem

In the event that the product is indeed defective and it is not possible to determine the cause of the defect remotely (by common means of communication) and/or it cannot be eliminated by consulting the Supplier’s support service, the Customer may send the defective product back to the Supplier for diagnosis in the laboratory.

3. Diagnostics in the laboratory

The Client, with mutual agreement with the Supplier, may return the goods for diagnostics in the Supplier’s laboratory.

For this, it is necessary that you send the goods by mail to the physical postal address indicated by us at your own expense.

As soon as your return is received, we will carry out a technical inspection of the device.

After determining the cause of the malfunction that occurred, we will offer you reasonable options for this case:

  • return of the cost of the goods (the cost of the postal shipment is not reimbursed);
  • replacement of the product with a new similar one;
  • repair of the product (only if the product has an internal technical defect that is not related to a violation of the general rules for the use of electronics or acceptable modes of operation of the product).

Note. The reason for the refund, replacement or repair of the product cannot be malfunctions caused by the Customer due to his own mistake, carelessness or use of the product in violation of the rules for using electronic devices and electrical installations.

4. Refund, Replacement or Repair

Option: Refund

The return of the cost of the product is made to the Customer’s card within a few days from the moment of mutual agreement of such a scenario by the Customer and the Supplier.

Items purchased on sale are not refundable. Only regular priced items can be refunded.

Option: Product replacement

In case of mutual agreement of the product replacement scenario, the Supplier sends the replacement product to the Customer within a few days.

Only damaged and defective goods are eligible for replacement or refund. New and never used items are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Option: Product repair

This resolution scenario applies only in cases where it has an economic or organizational effect that outweighs the replacement of the product with a new one.

For example, in the case when it is impossible to replace the product with a new one due to the lack of necessary components in stock. Or when the product has a minor defect that can be easily and quickly eliminated by repair.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.