The GGreg20_v3 dosimeter can now be ordered in 4 different configurations.

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The GGreg20_v3 radioactive particle detector can now be ordered in 4 different configurations.


When ordering, the customer chooses one of the following options:

GGreg20_v3 module SBM20 tube Set of connectors and cables
yes nono
yes noyes
yes yesyes

Advantages of the complete set : the client receives everything necessary for inclusion of the module in the project.
All components are tested for collaboration.

Sets without tube : for those customers who have a working tube SBM20.
For example, the client already has experience with similar modules and wants to replace the module with a more modern and high quality one.

You can order our product both on the website and on the Tindie trading platform.
The choice is yours – we are waiting for your orders.

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