Technical note on bug fixes in ESPHome firmware for ESP32 regarding GPIO and interrupt handler settings modes

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To the attention of those users of the Geiger counter module GGreg20_V3 connected to the ESP32 microcontroller with ESPHome firmware who created their firmware earlier and have not yet had time to update it to the current version.

Please note that in December 2022 and January 23, several ESPHome firmware fixes were released that may affect the counting of pulses from the Geiger counter on the ESP32 microcontroller port.

1) Release 2022.12.3 – December 20

– Fix ESP32 GPIO when using PULLUP or PULLDOWN in INPUT mode #4213:

2) Release 2022.12.4 – January 20

– Fix gpio pin mode for ISR pins #4216:

Due to the erroneous operation / misconfiguration (without the above fixes) of the interrupt handler, users of GGreg20_V3 and similar Geiger counters with pulse output could observe erroneous radiation level values.

We recommend that users of GGreg20_V3 and ESP32 with ESPHome firmware pay attention to these fixes and, if possible, install them as well as other available ESPHome firmware updates on the controllers to which you connect sensors with pulse output.

Please also note that the IoT-devices, LLC team has not conducted technical tests with or without the patches and cannot accurately indicate the nature of the impact of these bugs in previous firmware versions and the corresponding patches on the intermittent operation of the ESP32 controller.

If you notice any changes in the operation of your Geiger counter module GGreg20_V3 after installing the patched updates, please share your experience with us and the DIY/IoT community.

Best wishes,

Team IoT-devices, LLC