A new end-user IoT product series are now developed in our Kyiv Lab

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We are not revealing the new line of our devices yet, but we are already demonstrating how the firmware code is being developed.

For now, to satisfy curiosity, we can only say that these will be software and hardware IoT devices that have the following properties:

  • dual purpose devices: stock and custom firmware;
  • absence of rigid binding to IoT-devices LLC as a vendor;
  • easy configuration and quick start of use;
  • Plug & Play connection of additional sensors;
  • data proxy by nodes, as mesh networks do;
  • connectionless and serverless architecture;
  • component compatibility with ESPHome;
  • and thus support in Home Assistant.

On the screenshot, we solve the problem of connecting various sensors to the ESP8266 controller. More precisely, the task of compact and meaningful coding of measurement data into sensor packages so that they are useful for a mobile application that will process them on a smartphone and are readable enough for the users if they don’t want to use the app.

Most importantly, the new devices will have a dual purpose. The user can turn on the device he just bought with the firmware ready and immediately use its functions without complicated setup and connection procedures. Or he can develop his own firmware, because the well-known ESP8266 will be inside the devices.