Etsy Star Seller status for two months in a row

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We have good news! We are an Etsy Star Seller again!
For the second month in a row, our Etsy shop has received a Star Seller badge.

This was made possible thanks to our valued customers and the efforts of the IoT-devices team that designs, manufactures and ships our IoT and DIY products worldwide from Ukraine. Our flagship product GGreg20_V3 has found its users in more than 27 countries. Through our Etsy store, in 2024 alone, we have already fulfilled a number of orders from Germany, the USA, Australia, the UK, and France.
Thank you for your trust and cooperation. We are proud of this wonderful experience and will continue to work.

Note. You can learn what the Star Seller badge on Etsy is by following this link.

And as always, you can order our products on our website, on Etsy, or on Tindie (we hope that this platform will be back in business soon).

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That’s all the news for today.

We wish you success, IoT-devices, LLC team