GGReg20_V3 module: examples of interesting projects

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Examples of interesting projects in which our clients have used the GGReg20_V3 module:

1. GGReg20_V3 Geiger counter connected to RPi Pico W controller running ESPHome on HomeAssistant

Users use the GGreg20_V3 with the RPi Pico W controller.

Now it is very convenient, thanks to the support of this line of controllers in ESPHome.

Here is a link to the documentation:

And this is a link about the support news:

2.Geiger counter based on ESPHome: radiation measurement and data publication on

The user made an interesting project with GGreg20_V3 and TTGO T-Display controller, ESPHome firmware and data transfer to the server:

3D Model:

Code for ESPHome:

Library for TTGO T-Display:

Safecast API:

Detailed description of the GGReg20_V3 module and the possibility to order it: