GGreg20_V3 radiation meter module simulator for Arduino UNO based on WOKWI

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We decided to contribute to the development of open source software for the Arduino platform and developed a training example in the WOKWI simulator for our popular GGreg20_V3 ionizing radiation detector module, which works in conjunction with the Arduino UNO controller.

GGreg20_V3 Arduino UNO WOKWI simulator

GGreg20_V3 WOKWI Project:
GGreg20_V3 GitHub Repository:
In the simulator the user can use the button to simulate the pulses coming from GGreg20_V3 to the controller and monitor on the display or through the serial console as the software calculates the moving average value of ionizing radiation power with buffering measurements of 1-5 minutes.

This is a demonstration sketch that clearly shows how the GGreg20_V3 radiation detector connects and works with the Arduino UNO controller. This example shows a valid code that can be used with a real controller and module GGreg20_V3 manufactured by IoT-devices LLC.

In addition to the Arduino controllers, the GGreg20_V3 can work with any other controller that can handle GPIO events, or even those that can measure logic through an ADC (if needed). For example, such controllers are ESP32, ESP8266, STM32, Raspberry Pi and others.