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Do not rely on someone, but take care of yourself

Everyone knows the sarcastic saying: “Suddenly it snowed in January and that’s why we weren’t ready for it.” Something like this “suddenly” happens very often nowadays.

These include pandemics and technological and climate catastrophes, political and economic collapses and military aggressions. Today’s events show that this unpreparedness for any trouble is unique to Ukrainians. But our people survived Chernobyl and more. Again and again we complain that someone did not take care of masks and gloves, and they learned to stock up only on salt and pasta.

The modern world is undergoing a very complex and incomprehensible transformation. We must learn to observe events and have minimal reserves and tools for observation and self-defense.

And now about radiation. This is one of the most common invisible killers today.

When you ask the question “Do you have a Geiger family counter”, you often hear the answer “And what is it for?” I don’t always have enough bread. ” However, most people are accustomed to the weather forecast and trust their smartphone, actively use this knowledge.

The fact is that even in today’s high-tech times, not all vital data and forecasts can be obtained instantly from smartphones and not all published data can be trusted. Even yourself is hard to trust in all cases.

Geiger family counter

Our family has a radiation pollution meter and we understand why we are interested in the level of radiation in our house every morning. And don’t think it’s radiophobia.

As well as clean air, temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, precipitation forecast, soil moisture and more, everyone should know the level of radiation in the environment.

Today’s background level of radiation activity is 0.14 – 0.15 Micro Sieverts. The recommended threshold level is 0.3 Micro Sieverts.

During the most active period of forest fires in Chernobyl, the level reached 0.7 Micro Sieverts. And at the same time – smoke in the air.

Cool? Who informed us about this openly and specifically about exceeding the safe level?

Geiger family counter

June 16 and 17, 2020 we recorded a significant increase in radiation levels – up to 0.28 micro Sieverts. Statistical average background level 0.14.

My first reaction to this information – searching the Internet for messages – that nothing happened.

And only 10 days later (June 26) in European publications there were many reports that there was probably a technological release in Russia, which Russia does not recognize.

In northern Europe, near the Russian border, radiation levels have risen

How do you like the reaction of the world to a dangerous event? Thank God – this time there was no exceeding the safe threshold. Ukrainian journalists are silent about this. Probably because 90% of air time is spent on analyzing the vocabulary of deputies’ statements “is it good or bad?”

10 days ago I decided that there was some disturbance in the Sun and this is the reason for the increase in radiation levels.


  1. And if this threshold was exceeded, we would know in 10 days;
  2. I am sure that in some territory the threshold was exceeded, but the population did not know about it.
  3. My choice. For some reason, most people who understand the importance of monitoring radiation levels choose a handheld device rather than a stationary one. This is a wrong decision. The Geiger family meter must be stationary and, like a clock, inform the family of the danger at any time. The handheld device, for the most part, lies in a drawer and waits for period “X”, when something SUDDENLY happened. In addition, a stationary device is much cheaper, especially if you know how to mount devices from “do it yourself” kits.
Geiger family counter

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Aware – protected.